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People are always the reason for our existence.

It is for them that we seek to make a difference in the fashion industry, 

ensuring product safety and new aesthetics.

That's why we care so much about sustainability,

as with their well-being and that of future generations.

It is with them that we want to work and collaborate in building a better future.

Apreciando ao ar livre
Apreciando ao ar livre


Every effort will be made to provide all employees with the highest levels of satisfaction and professional achievement, paying fair and equitable remuneration, guaranteeing a decent wage.

Our commitments:


• Holiday Subsidy

•Christmas subsidy

• Payment up to the 2nd business day after the end of the previous month


We assume that we must do everything in our power to provide the well-being of our employees.

We assign:

• Hours bag

• Meal ticket card

• Ticket card +

•Health insurance

•Seniority bonus

Família feliz

Health and safety

We intend to provide a safe and healthy work environment, seeking to prevent and minimize accidents, risks, illnesses and injuries inherent to work.

We care about and comply with:

•Medicine at work

•Equipments for individual safety

• Production equipment with CE marking

• Specific training

• ISO45001

Meditando na natureza
Biker on Mountain Top


The professional and personal success of those who work at Fafedry must be cherished and ensured.

We are committed to:

• The stability

•The feedback

• Opportunities for promotion and horizontal mobility

• Intrapreneurship Opportunities

•The formation

•Coaching/ Mentoring



We are a small company and we make proximity, openness, transparency and personal contact our way of being.  

We feel completely focused on results and committed to the rigor, quality and consistency of our offer.

We promote work-life balance and give priority to the local community. In fact, our company is a reflection of our land, its legends and stories, our culture, our people. There are those who see us as informal, frontal and courageous.


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